Chapter 1: Fairy Tales

It starts off as any fairy tale would, except it ACTUALLY happened. I remember having an awesome childhood, living in an ignorant bliss. To be honest, I believe all children should live that way for like the next decade of their life. Any who, my sister and I grew up with a two parent household and we spent most of our lives playing outside with our imaginations. Let’s fast forward to us being of preteen age and still just so unaware, then BOOM all of a sudden we find out our parents are no longer happy and divorce papers are on the table. To me is was such a shame that growing up we never saw what my dad did to my mom and we never saw how much she put up with him for our sake. But as anyone should learn in life is that you should never accept any type abuse at all especially for as long as our mom did. Because of my dad she is mental and physically scarred, but because of her strength she has given him the forgiveness that our family needed.

Both me and my sister went through a different kind of life because we were separated. I lived with my dad and my sister with my mom. I went through the next couple of years with tunnel vision, and to be frank, it was probably the only way I could have kept my sanity. Living with my dad we hit bankruptcy, lost our home, he was remarried within a few moment of my mom leaving (for the reason he had been cheating), we moved in with a family member who did not want me around, and we ultimately had to move in with his then girlfriend. Life there was tolerable because I had a roof over my head and that was pretty much it. The girlfriend, was a gold digger and still is, she only welcomed me into her home because she knew she would get “in good” with my dad. Her kids however resented me and my dad for how quickly their mom dropped their dad for mine. So you can just imagine how things went. Already I had a temper just as a kid, so living under these circumstances NEVER made it any better. I had been home-schooled up until my parents divorced, so another stress factor was going to a new school. I was a geek and had no friends. The only friends that seemed to migrate my way were those who had pity on my appearance (trust me you would too). If your wondering about my sister, we went to the same school, but with our own issues we became distant and soon she was put in a different school due to bullying, all thanks to my dad.

All this is pretty much the short and fast forwarded version of how my life started, to where you guys can understand where I stand now.

During these circumstances I had been brought up with the Word of God. Knock it if you will, but I have seen His miracles and it all started with a prayer. I was young, afraid, and didn’t think I could be loved. I was emotionally detached and I hated myself. I asked God, if he could show me I could be loved. Send me a boyfriend, you know what I love/like need/desire. I trust you, just send him to me. *Plus, it even says in the Bible, don’t give God a time limit, you just don’t but I did and he humored me* I asked Him to send em a boyfriend before my birthday. Fast forward 8 years of dating, I married him in March, my birthday is in April.

If you were wondering about the “fairy tale” part, this would be it.

A lot of what I went through I was never mentally ready to deal with, and because of it I was REALLY emotionally unstable. Like bipolar unstable, depressed, anxious. You name it I dished it. As crazy as it seems, my husband, then boyfriend stood by me no matter what. I can stand here and say I made it through High School a successful person. I don’t have a degree but I make money like I do. I make a comfortable living because we live humble. *I know I am already contradicting myself by what I just said, but hey I’m just describing not throwing figures at you, so hear me out*

People always say they fought hard to get where I got, but never really tell you how they ACTUALLY did it. Well I am about to tell you how I did it. Because I was home-schooled people where under this impression that I was really smart. Which I am smart, I just never knew it. My mom always taught my sister and I 7th grade work when we were 7, but it wasn’t hard because she never told us what level work we were doing. She never limited us, so I started school already know what everyone was doing. Classmates always knew I was going to go to College and be that nerd with all A’s because that’s how our mom pushed us. School was important to me. I love to learn and it was obvious to everyone. I graduated Salutatorian, and I was a few points from a 4.0. *No I do not remember the actually number, it’s been years already* I graduated and I did not have the slightest idea of what I was going to do with my life. Yes I did try for college, but it never seemed to work out for me. I wanted to play a sport for a university and I looked into my options, but because my school was so small they never really had the steam to get scouts out to our games and all that other privileged stuff. So by this time I have already been living with my mom and she is in the same boat I am, jobless. So together we go to the unemployment office and that my friends is how I spent my hard earned straight A’s. Five months of no job and I finally landed a basic office job, because there was no way I had the patience to work in a restaurant.

The interview process was what you would expect, who are you, what is your work ethic, blah blah blah. I leave and then I get a call from the Payroll Supervisor saying I got the job and when I could start. And that my friends is how I started working for the Devil himself.

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