Just A Little Too Much

When life feels like it’s too much to deal with, go outside to focus.

Focus? On what?

On yourself, focus on your heart rate, on your breathing.

Focus on the sky, let the wind take you.

Focus on the sun and how it grazes your skin.

Close your eyes and let the rays absorb your being.

Breathe in the air around you, it’s yours for the taking!

Focus on the clouds and how they stand still, and how they migrate.

Walk across the ground and focus on the trees, and grass that follows your path.

Listen to the birds that fill the sky with their songs.

Don’t stop  walking until you find a flower.

Why? Because when life gets to be too much you have to stop and find yourself.

When life gets too much, remember, you are not worth losing.

5 thoughts on “Just A Little Too Much

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