Chapter 5: Break Through

As months passed, hope for new work faded. Every day that passed I was just demeaned even more. I just was over an done with that environment and just did not care anymore. Life was passing way to slow, and nights never seemed to last. It made it hard to be happy about anyone or anything.  Still, when I could squeeze in the time or effort I would quietly send out my resume to any place that would just take my resume. It seemed like forever before I would finally get a call from a potential interview.Upon returning a voicemail, I was able to schedule an interview for a Purchasing position for construction company. Then, after another lie, to my current employer, got me some free time to sneak away for this interview.

Finally, some hope trickled it’s way back in to my life. I knew I was going to get out of here! Slowly joy filtered through my heart and into my life and how I handled everything. Just thinking about my sweet escape kept me going. Then, interview day came, it went fairly well, and fast. I left feeling confident and knowing I aced the interview. Hell I had been to over 20 interviews, how could I not ace it? A few weeks flew by, and I heard nothing back. So finally I decided I would email the hiring manager and see what had happened. Mind you I would never do that, because I felt it would be a waste of my time. But, I knew somehow that this was my job, my place to move. Then she replies they hired someone with a more experience in purchasing. My heart sank. Here I go, stuck in this rut. Am I never to climb out?!

I made up my mind to just accept that I would never leave this horrid place. I felt I had never worked so hard in my life to find another job. Depression was next fall in place, I hated how I was stuck here, it did not make sense. Although I felt horrible for how things turned out, I knew there had to be a reason I still had to stay here. The only thing I had to look forward to was having two days off, finally I had qualified to take vacation! After three gruesome years, I could finally have some time to myself.

Then out of nowhere I get a call to start a new job. I suddenly got this brilliant idea. I could start working on the days of my vacation and it would be so awesome to just up and quit without my employer knowing! Oh the joy of sticking it to the owner for how he treated me! I knew how much it was hurt him. But, I also knew how much it would hurt the others I cared for. I must do something, but what; so I only told those I was closest too, and they held a vow of silence like no other. They knew what they were in for. As much as the boss wanted me to believe I was a nobody I knew I did so much for his company that without me production would fall to shambles. He grew accustomed to way work flowed with me there, so it would come to a slower pace on how things would be run.

Everyone had their expiration date for working there, and mine was years past good. We said our farewells the Friday before I would never be returning. Certain people would miss me, but they had to mentally prepare for the new week ahead. I thanked them for their friendship and support, but we all knew it was time. Monday would be the start of my new job and I would finally get a breath of fresh air.

It’s funny how things turn out, how we never see the bigger picture and we just start to feel pity on ourselves for how much our lives suck and woes to us. But, no one ever seems to talk about how our lives changed for the better. The job I got, it was the job they had found someone with more experience, the one I knew was my job. Turns out this was always mine and God put it in my heart to know it and get through the last few months with hope to give me strength. That job needed to be ready for me, and I was not going to get it until it was just right for me.

I went from being a know nothing, should not think for myself, but do everything because you are the only one smart enough to do it, to I have my own office, my own phone, two screened computer, and micro managing a million dollar logistics department.

Thing is, I had to go through this job so that my work ethic stayed solid, if not better then what I had imagined because I would need it to succeed in this new environment. There is so much that needs to be done without faults or delays and I never would have been ready for this job, for this work load if it was not for my first job.

I thank God for giving me my first job, and I am even more grateful for this job. I feel like I can accomplish anything, but it all starts with a purpose. Even though we may never see it. Just trust me and have faith that your time will come. You will get out of the hole, you will find your peace after the fire. Keep your head up and mind focused on what matters, Love, Family, Faith, but above all God.

It feels funny to end this story because it is not quite over yet, but that my friends is the end of how I worked with the devil.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Break Through

  1. This. Is. Everything. =>
    “It’s funny how things turn out, how we never see the bigger picture and we just start to feel pity on ourselves for how much our lives suck and woes to us”

    Keep Going!!! I’m enjoying your words, your peace!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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