Creative Corner: Week 1!

Here is the first “Creative Corner” post. Thanks to claireyangwrites.wordpress.comΒ and their idea for a Harry Potter Lyrical Poem.



The World is a dark place.

Half the world doesn’t understand these gifts.

Half the world hides their gifts from the rest.

Then the rest uses their gifts for evil.

What a world we live in.


Children dying from this dark magic.

Mothers pleading, Mothers sacrificing.

Fathers dying trying to protect them.

Armies rising to fight the darkness.

All this for one child?


Madness has overcome this dirt.

Only hope in a small child.

Hope this child will grow up strong and protect us.

Such a great feat he must endure.

But we must hope!


Years of chaos, years of deaths, years of fallen men.

The days are bleak, but this boy continues to grow.

He learns his strengths and what he can do.

His friends push him to greatness.

They carry him when he can no longer continue.


Yet, it is he that must go on alone.

Face this darkness alone.

Be the voice of all the fallen.

Walking in to battle he fears nothing,

His death will be swift.


Right when it all comes crashing down,

You are there.

Holding him, protecting him once like before.

The light of the fallen shield his soul.

The light that never died.


Here he stands.

Light prevails the darkness.

The people finally take their breath.

Their first free breath.

For light has prevailed!

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