Every day passes, but there is never anything that sticks out. I’ve been longing to be your center. Anxious for your eyes to see me. Begging for the chance to love you.

Every day we are stuck in routine. A thing people forget about it, but it runs each of our lives.  Work, there’s always a need for us. Can’t  break away. What is there left for us to do? 

Your life is mine, but here we are now, all we know is how we sleep. The sounds of our quiet breathes before we are to wake again. Sleep, Work, Eat, Repeat.

I miss us! I feel prisoner to this cycle, and a stranger to our love. 

Lives continue, people grow harsher, kids seem too grown, and grown ups are so distant from the here and now.  The wind blows around us as we stand, motionless. The earth seems to spin at an acclerated pace, yet here our worlds are slowing.

I reach out to touch you, but your being is fuzzy. Your voice is distant, your skin nonexistent. I turn to our mirror, i am bearly visable. My hand touches my face trying to smooth out this fuzz. What have we become?

This world spins so fast we can hardly move through it. Afraid to break away from our routine because it took so long to get there. Afraid of how we will be able to recover if a mistake were present. 

I need to escape and drag you with me! Our lives cannot just be this fuzz,  we need the colors of our sun to heal us. We need the wind to take us, rejuvenate us. Rain to cleanse us, and we need the sand to groud us. 

Today is a breath of fresh air, away from the fuzz and the speed of our world. We stand hand on hand, grounded as we recover. Breathing our lives in. Love is what has brought us here, to focus on what matters most. 

Today is a newer day. Away from our routine, away from the empty feelings, away from this hopelessness we harbor. Today we breathe together.

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