What is this feeling? It burns within without oxygen, yet it’s growing with an immense force.

My heart swells! I can feel it growing in my chest.

It’s too much, I will burst!

This pressure! It travels up to my head, I feel like the steam will blow my top off.

My body has started to change.

I feel the strength in me growing. I could destroy a concrete wall!

All I can focus on is YOU!

You! Made me this way! How dare you spite me!

Let me wring your neck til your head pops!

NO! What am I saying!? What is this!?!

My eyes! They’ve gone RED!

I can’t take this! This pressure in my chest! This Strength that has overcome my being! This red vision!

People see me they run, they must run. I cannot help this feeling. My wrath will spare no one!

YOU! My mind won’t rest until you right this wrong!

But how could you know what you have done! I’ve only ever seen you in passing. 

Will this rage ever cease!


My face tingles as the blood races through my veins. My arms shake with fury.

My fist need an outlet. What do I do? I cannot find any focus to calm myself.

My mind circles around the pain you have caused me!

Will I ever grab a hold of my control?

I force myself to think of a way out.

I can’t! This red vision is blinding me!

My chest!!

A growl comes from deep in my throat.

My gaze follows my arms, down my body,

What is this creature I have become?


I am the color red. I am the creature the comes when anger escapes.

My claws, sharp.

My face, full of teeth.

My tail a knife.

My feet are that of a lizard’s.

This creature is out.

Everyone beware.

I have lost control.

I am RED.




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