Creative Corner: Week 2!!

Topic: Vacation, provided by Nita

As per her request, that it should have pictures! Hope you guys enjoy!

A Time of Healing.
A place to rejuvenate.
To Feel Free.


Travel to a place of wonder.
A place of peace.
Give your mind a break.
A chance to refocus.


Cancan II

An opportunity to be different.
To show your culture, and where you are from.
A time to enjoy a different culture.
A time to learn what's beyond our barriers.


To some, a vacation is rare.
So for those who have had this chance to get away,
Don't take it for granted.
Our lives speed through time so quickly.
We never give ourselves a chance to stop and just take a break from it all.

For those who could only dream,
Never fret, your time will come.
Freedom from our routine is needed.
Take the chance, make the time.
It will heal your mind and body.

Vacation: A Chance of a Lifetime.


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