Nobody Knows My Name

It seems like when I walk around, nobody sees me.

I say hi or hello to the ones I see everyday at work.

I scroll through the faces from my past.

No one says hello.

Not unless spoken to.

I try to connect because frankly I crave connection.

Connection with friends, family, strangers.

Funny thing is, no one cares to connect unless it’s with the internet or booze.

People have to be crazy and outgoing to have friends.

You have to be interesting and funny for people to look your way.

What about me?

I like to drink, in a quiet setting with blankets and a book.

I enjoy being vocal, but with a bold pen and recycled paper.

I love music, but the type that makes me feel.

I love people, but they scare me.

I drown my silence with darkness; they drown it in habits.

I sit alone with my fears, while they run from them.

My tears are the rivers you all swim in.

All that I give to you I call friends, all goes unnoticed.

Never good enough for you.

What if I stopped texting you,

Stopped calling you,

Stopped commenting,

Stopped liking,

What would you do?

What if I vanished and no one knew my name.

Would you see me for me?

Or would I be another blur you erased from your memory.

Will I be forever forgotten, because no one knew my name.

11 thoughts on “Nobody Knows My Name

  1. This whole post is incredibly well written. I especially agree with what you wrote when talking about people liking others who are funny, outgoing, and interesting. I’m none of those things. I like to listen to music, write and read a good book, but most people around me would rather be around people who are more outgoing or like to spend time with their phone instead.

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  2. god, this is so true. I have these exact same feelings. (I also wrote about it!) I want to be wanted. To be cared for. To be thought of. To be loved. Regardless of anything going on in my life, I want someone to think about me. I came to the conclusion that if I disappeared, less than six people would even notice. Half of those wouldn’t notice for a few weeks.

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    1. It’s the sad truth, people continue to look for ways to make their life seem better, when the only thing they/ we do is make living harder. Please tag your version. I would love to read it!


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