Creative Corner: Week 3!

I didn’t know how I would tackle this week’s creative corner, because the topic that stood out to me was “Mystery”. I had sooo many ideas come to mind on the how, but I couldn’t decide on the what. So here goes nothing. Thank you to Richa for this topic idea!

These woods are known for secrets.
Dared to walk in, as my friends stand at the edge.

Clutching my hands to my chest, I’m afraid.

So many stories of these woods, too many to count.

The only thing known, is the legend. 

Children missing, search and rescue services all failed.

Shadows of our people’s past.

Minds lost in this tree graveyard.

If anyone ever emerges alive from these woods, they are never the same.

Still, triple dog dared, I cannot turn back. I must not be the wimp of my generation.  I must make it 100 steps and back.

I can run, I can walk, but must be back in 15 minutes.

Any longer and I become apart of the legend.

My friends cackle as they wait for my return.

With each step I am swallowed by this forest.

With each breath, the air grows colder.

With each puff of breath I warm my hands.

This isn’t so bad, I can do this.

Step number 30. I glance up.

Tree after tree, I grow cross-eyed.

Turning back, I can no long see my friends. 

Step number 60.

As I gaze to my front, my heart stops.

There before me, a beast unknown.

That of a dog, yet standing like a man.

What features I can make out, big bright golden brown eyes.

Dark colored fur.



I’m frozen. 

I stand face to face with this beast. Neither of us move.

What am I going to do!
“Sally! Sally!”

“Look! There she is!”

“Oh my god!”

To this day I find myself staring out my window, lost in a trance. Staring out into the woods. It’s eyes still stare back at me. My friends try to remind me what happened that night, but I have no recollection. They say I emerged beaten, pale, cold. My eyes sunken like I’d been out there for days. My body forever aches, even as I walk. I cannot tear myself away from my window, afraid I may face it again. I must keep it in my sight. I don’t want to lose again.

4 thoughts on “Creative Corner: Week 3!

    1. What drove me to write this was just curiosity. I started writing it with different intentions and then an idea spiked and I changed it’s course. Well if that scared you I have a brilliant Idea for this excerpt. A new project I will be working on. I will share soon enough.


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