Today the light shines brighter.

Your smile warms my heart.

Your eyes, stare longingly into mine.

Our fingers entwined.

Our hearts beat together as one.

With each step our feet climb out of the water.

You see,

Without you I would have drowned.

This mess of a life I have,

You saved me, right from the beginning.

There was never a time I ever doubted you.

Together we danced through the dirt.

What a mess we made, together.

It was beautiful.

Then, others threw water on our dust storm.

It was mud now, but we still danced.

Over the years people continued to throw water at us.

Trying to cease our fiery love.

Soon we were neck deep in water.

Still you held me up, keeping me from drowning.


There were times you went under.

There were times I went under.

But that never stopped us from moving.

You taught me to swim in the worst of storms,

And I keep pushing you to shore.

Our ocean was filled with the wreckage of people’s lives.

Every piece of wood, every piece of debris we passed,

We kept it, We utilized it.

People tried so hard to get to us.

To push us under.

Try as they might, they never did reach us.

All their failures were our advantage.

Soon we made our boat.


Here we are at the shallows,

Walking hand in hand,

Your lips touch my forehead,

Your smile weakens my knees.

Your love never ending.

Our love forever strong.


These words are for you my love.



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