Creative Corner: Week 4!

This week’s topic is thanks to Claire. I continued to ponder how I would go about writing this piece, how to make it unique. Color, everything and everyone. So here go everything. Enjoy!

My vision is not like most. I see things in a different light, or color I should say. Everything and everyone have their own aura. So many colors blind me that I need to focus. For me I see nature with a gold glow, so pure and untouched. Animals are funny because the colors of aqua, green, blue surround our creatures depending on what they are. Aqua glows for those who swim, green for the four legged paws and hoofed beasts. Blue for anything air born.

The air has a distinct color, with any breeze I see mauve dissipate around me like dancing glitter. The sun glows in a caramel hue, painting the people below.

The weird thing about my vision is looking at people. Everyone walks around with a fuzzy glow, with so many colors racing around them. Some times the colors explode repeatedly, in different bursts or they flash around them like lightning. It took me a while to figure out what these colors meant or why they moved to fast/slow and always so different from the person next to them. Emotion was always the fuel for these color sequences. Sadness was a deep, dark blue. Anger, a maroon color; Confusion, a silky turquoise; Joy, a pure gold; envy, a rich purple; hate, cherry red; Love, white; Impatience, orange. There are just so many colors that radiate from everyone, but there are some that scare me.

I have yet to distinguish a lot these scary colors, but they all seems to stay in the darker region. I do know that people who have a suicidal emotions or thoughts, their color is a black smoke that seems to emit from them and fade away into a smoke for a few blocks. I always see them everywhere, I am terrified for them. Then there are the one who have murderous thoughts or feelings, their color is a dark red that flashes in long jagged streams that follow their footsteps.  Sometimes there are people that have puffs of forest green clouds that shoot out of them, but I don’t know what they mean. It came to much surprise when I was able to distinguish some of these colors and their actions to be diseases. It’s a shame I am not a doctor, I would do anything to help these people out.

The gift of my vision is when I see strangers help one another and their auras glow a soft pink that grows to be 10 foot tall. When I see couples in love they share a light purple glow. When children laugh it emits yellow fog that swallows everything around them. I adore watching and learning the different colors that people seem to share with me. There is always something new to learn from everyone, and nothing ever really seems to be the same.

There are a few burdens to my gift. One is that I may never find another that is like me. No one sees color like I do. I also just cannot stand how I may never be able to help the people with the scary colors. It makes me cry the more I learn of what colors go to what feeling or disease, and I just stand staring hoping and praying that someone is helping them. There are times when my mind needs to rest because too many colors tend to hurt my eyes, so I go home, shut the blinds and close my eyes. I do always wonder what it feels like to walk this earth not knowing  what may be hindering the person next to you. Is it easy to tell what someone is going through? Then I also wonder to myself, what colors make me?

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