Purge this land of our pain.

Purge this soil from our mistakes.

Let the water cleanse our wrongs.

Time is said to heal all wounds,

But I beg to differ.

Tears flow with a sense of healing.

Cries are heard louder than time.

Rain allows our tears to be hidden from others,

Thunder hides our cries and screams.

The rain mourns with us.

It’s God’s way of showing us that He will cry with us.

He will scream with us.

As the lightening tears through the sky,

It show how angry he is that we are hurt.

Rain helps us feel the depths of our sorrow.

There is no running from these storms.

Anything and everyone will get soaked.

Our pain must not be ignored.

God will not let us be ignored.

Once the storm is over, there will be light.

There will be a renewed earth.

The grass will be greener, the trees will grow higher.

The sun will shine brighter and harder.

For the earth has been purged of our pain.

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