Nobody ever thinks about the darkness until it consumes you. Some people have their own way of dealing with these lifeless emotions. Others, well they choose what we call the easy way out. Problem is, it’s not the easy way. Truth is, it’s absolutely the hardest thing a person can ever do. Life is a gift and reality comes with it where you want to accept it or not. These people who choose death over life have had the hardest cards dealt to them, and no matter what great people are in their life for them the darkness has become them. Soon, “in the end it doesn’t even matter”.

What always seems to take me by surprise is how many times there were so many signs. Lyrics, actions, lives, it all makes sense after the deed has been done. For the living, we run through life so much that we don’t take into consideration what the person next to us is going through until it’s too late. People’s lives are so important! Darkness should not have become us, it just seems unfair. Unfair that people must go through these battles and in the end wind up losing.

My heart aches for the lost, and will continue to ache because so many more will be lost. Nothing will confuse me more then knowing I will never understand what drives their demise. The most brilliant people seem to be the darkest.

As humans we admit they will rest in peace, but the darkest truth is they will never rest. The most unforgivable sin, the darkest hour. How do we help them? How can we change their decision?

Goodbye Chester B.

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