Creative Corner: Week 5!

Today’s creative corner is thanks to GrindtheHills for their topic “woods”. I tried to make this a sensory piece, so I hope you enjoy it!

Never have I ever been this stressed, but today is the day I break. This city is too grey! All these people, businesses, clubs, bars; why does life have to move so fast? I can’t do this any more. With that being said, I packed a duffel bag, strapped my boots, and packed my temporary home with everything I needed.

In the car I feel my world suffocate me. Windows down as I speed away from this city, I can catch my breath. My mind spins as quickly as the road whips past me. I can see it now, the mountains in their foggy glory, the trees green and as lush as ever. Pedal to the floor I want to be in my woods again.

Pulling into the parking lot I can already smell the fresh crisp air that I have been craving. I inhale long and deep, oh how I’ve missed this place. As I step out of my car the sweet sound of the leaves crunch under my boots. Oh what a beautiful sound! Quickly I grab my belongings and head to the heart of my woods.

As I walk through the leaves, the cold air pecks at my face leaving it rosy and pale. This wind blows these Redwoods around like toys, the rustling trees is the purest sound I could ever ask to hear. It soothes my soul and takes my ears for a spin. My eyes close and I know this is where I will camp.

Not too many animals can be heard, just the birds singing away. But, I relish in the soothing sound of the wind, it just takes my heart with every breeze. Thankfully, no bugs, it’s the middle of November, so all I have to worry about is a few flurries that may grace these grounds.

Up goes my tent, and my fire is all warmed up. I pull my knees towards my chest and hug my legs as I stare into the fire. Lost in its traces, oblivious to the subtle snow fall. The wind caresses my face and send my tendrils of hair for a ride. Lost in the scene that unfold beyond my little fire. My eyes behold the hills below, full of lush greens that sit silently awaiting each snowflake. The quiet stream flows with no restraint, yet stays in place for the deer to visit. Mountains that peak past the clouds hide, somehow they hide the setting sun, but the pink, purple, and orange colors shine through the sides of these mountains.

Finally night has set, and I snuggle up in my sleeping bag, stuffed with wool blankets. This is what I need. Life away from the stone walls, and away from the airless city. Slowly my eyes shut and my body begins it’s reset.



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