Creative Corner: Week 6!

Today’s winning topic is “Neighbors” thanks toΒ Intentergy! I like writing about truths that people like to bury and well, neighbors have the most skeletons. So with that in mind, keep on reading!


I peer through the blinds,

The Sun burns my eyes;

But I keep looking through the window.

I see the lush, green grass.

The neighbor walking their dog.

The mail man making their rounds on foot.

Children playing in the front yard.

Cars drive by slowly.

Birds chirping, butterflies swarming.

Such a lovely day to enjoy this Spring weather!


The day goes on.

Soon as the hours pass,

Darkness creeps in where the sun once was.

This is when I keep the lights off.

I peek through my blinds,

The outdoors, so silent, but full of commotion.

Dark shadows fill the streets.

Shadows of my neighbors.

Figures that reek havoc without making a sound.

I’ve been watching these figures for years.

Ever since I got back from serving.

They all belong to someone.

To my right, Mrs. Jones’ shadow skims through the grass that once had children playing. Β Carl’s shadow runs back and forth in the middle of the street. The Davidson’s shadows are in the trees like birds. Rose’s shadow, is standing in the corner by the stop sign. Still waiting.

For you see, each shadow is mimicking what their host did. They are stuck for eternity until their host’s conscience is put to rest.

Mrs. Jones loves kids, a little too much. Carl killed someone with his car, their dog was left behind to mourn. Β The Davidson Family, all died because their home caught on fire. The smoke took them as they tried to escape using the tree next to their home. Rose, she is left standing to mourn herself, for she jumped in front of a car. All this darkness that I am forever left to watch, the shadows of my neighbors. Forever watching their past, but never seeing mine.

My shadow is stuck in this home with me, no one knows my secrets, no one except my attacker. My shadow hides with me behind these blinds. I will never tell; these walls keep me safe. I don’t want my shadow to join the others. I will die with this secret, but I do wonder, that once I go, will my shadow be force to join the others, or will it be forever stuck behind these blinds?

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