So, as my readers, you all know that I will be getting internet so I can work from home on my blog. Sadly, it’s not until tomorrow. But on a good note, I will be getting it Tomorrow!

Also, because of all the inspiration you guys give me this blog was nominated for another award. I will posting about that soon! Sorry, it has been quite crazy here in my Texas bubble.

As for volleyball, today I have playoffs. I’m excited. Ready to see how we will do. My team has gotten sooo much better, especially since we all have been playing with the same people for a while now. But I am ready for a break from playing, which will come for a few weeks after today’s games.

I love reading, but I have been able to finish a book series. “Remnants” by K. A. Applegate. I know, it’s for teens, but I love the Sci-fi about it. It’s a 14 books series, and I cannot find book #10… So there goes more procrastinating.

Let me know what else you guys want to  know about me. I want to compile all your questions into one post. So ask away!

Until I post again, check out my last post so we can get our Creative Corner going.

With much love,


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