Cold Shoulder

*Disclaimer: Picture was not drawn by me, I take no credit for the picture, but this written piece is by me. -PJane *



As things couldn’t get any worse.

There you stand, with open arms.

But, here I am with my back turned to you.

You see the scars.

You kiss every one.

This world has left me hard.

Calloused to your affection.

It’s not your fault.

I don’t ever aim to push you away.

Your love is all that keeps me alive.

Even though I sit here,

Staring into space.

Tear filled eyes.

I know you don’t understand.

I don’t expect you to.

You tell me to cheer up,

To stop crying,

That you didn’t do anything.

Trust me I know.

Believe me I’ve tried to stop crying.

I just can’t.

I see the frustration in your eyes.

The inner me runs to hug you.

Outer me is numb and motionless.

I have my good days,

And then I have my worse days.

I love you dearly.

I hope you know that.

Although my being won’t let me show you.

I’m ever so grateful you are here with me.

Even with these tears,

Know you make me happy.

Know that this darkness in my heart,

Know that there is always light where your love shines.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for you Love.

One day,

When inner me runs to you,

My outer me will too.

10 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder

    1. I’m glad I was able to share something that touched someone. I hope this opens people’s eyes that sometimes we cannot help our feelings but that we love our significant others and family even though we cannot express it at the moment.


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