New Journey

Happy Thursday Everyone,

As I promised I have been working on new projects. Soon to come out is the first chapter of an unorthodox love story. To give you a peek into this early on “book”, if you will, keep on reading.

This story is about a young woman who’s life isn’t an ordinary one. Years of secrets and darkness all bottled up with no signs of letting them out. That is until, Mr. Right comes along. Slowly they become something she’s always feared. But, the closer to her he gets, the closer he is to finding out her past.

Will she let him in willingly, or will he fall into the rabbit hole?

This love story will have the thrills and mystery to drag you along each word. For anticipation is the natural high!

I will be posting the first chapter very soon. For easy navigation, I will be putting stories on the right side bar of my page. With each chapter that posts I would love for each reader to comment below so we can discuss the book’s process. Let me know what you loved/hated about it and what you would want to read as the story continues. Maybe I’ll throw in your suggestion in a future chapter.

Fingers crossed!



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