Web Changes

Good Afternoon All!

Well it’s afternoon for me. I made some changes to the site, let me know how everything looks! Trying to make navigating around my site easier, so tell me what you think.

I find the pastels work, and my favorite color is green, but I’ve been debating on using a purple or a teal. I feel like the colors of the site need to mesh with the logo and content.

Oh well, I finally change it. I feel like I need to add things but I’m not quite sure. So far everything look okish.

Have a lovely day!

5 thoughts on “Web Changes

  1. very nice 🙂 If you go to coolors.co you can upload your image into a generator and it will create a color scheme. Then you can take the number associated with those colors and set your background to match perfectly! It is such a nice flower so those teals would be gorgeous I am sure!

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