Creative Corner Refresh: Week 1

It’s amazing how much just talking to people can inspire you. This week’s topics are by popular demand, “Liars” and “Monsters”. These two topics were picked by Amielle and Claire, they both picked a topic, I feel are from their own views and I hope that I appease both sides. With that being said, read on and enjoy!

Night and Day.

Cold and Hot.

True to their definition.

But what about the in between?

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, which I get.

But, what I don’t understand are the monsters behind the lies.

I get the, ‘honey, I’m going to be home late’, while they run to grab flowers for their birthday surprise.

I get the different explanations for ‘where babies come from’.

I get when people just say ‘I’m fine, don’t worry’, because no one wants to worry.

What I find baffling, are the lies that are from darkness.

Darkness holds some many fears, pains, and secrets.

No one ever wants to be without the light.

Everyone except, them.

The ones who whisper, “this won’t hurt if you’re quiet.”

The people who shout for equality, but deep down just want it and won’t return the notion.

The crowds who feel attacked, but are the attackers.

Thoughts are what create these monsters.

Thoughts that grow like wild-fire.

Thoughts begin and people just don’t seem to question anything before actions take hold.

Once actions are in place the thought become real.

When they are real, they become monsters of the darkness.

Protectors of everything harmful and full of sorrow.

Our world is so full of them now.

Each day comes a new breed of these creatures.

It never stops, or it seems like it never will.

Then one day, up comes an individual with a heart of gold to change it all.

Spreading Love, compassion, common sense, strength, determination.

All written down for us to read, learn, and live by.

Love is what kills these monsters.

Compassion is what crushes these thoughts.

Common sense is what actions are made of.

Strength to do what is right, and determination to continue to do what is right.

Love always prevails!





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