Deep Darkness

Work sees everyone,

Calmly collected, and being productive.

Crowds see everyone,

Scattered and everywhere.

What people don’t see is me.

What is inside of me.

What darkness lies within.

My body a shell.

No emotions, no feelings.

My eyes see nothing, but just continue to stare.

Ears hear all, but are never listening.

My mind spins all thoughts into a tornado.

Tears peek through my lashes.

Cheeks great each drop with redness.

The emptiness filled will darkness.

My limbs numb, they hold no functions.

This is the way I am.

No one sees my heart and how welcoming it is to the darkness.

There’s not explanation for this.

There’s no cause for the way  I feel.

This dark corner seems to give me warmth.

Heat that my cold body needs.

A tolerable feel to this frigid world.

People may not see the darkness inside.

Because I won’t let it seem through my eyes.

This darkness stays deep inside me.

This is my wall.

This is my shelter.

This is me.

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