Cruise Control

What happens when your life starts to speed past you? You think you are in control, but someone hit the cruise control. Life does not seem to be getting worse, nor better. So you have one finger on the wheel, barely holding on. You stare straight ahead, but see nothing. Could your heart beat any slower? Everyone else around you is aware. They are on their feet ready to fight. But, there you go, walking right passed the war. There was nothing there. Yet, you never cared to see, what battle they were trying to fight without you.

The cold air nips at your nose. Brings your hairs to a stand, but your eyes never waiver. Your breathing never changes, just to be there in the numbing air. You stand unaware of your conditions. The snow can clip away all feeling in your body, but it doesn’t  matter. Your mind has stopped working. Cruise control is still working.

Alas! Something inside has snapped, blinking a few times your eyes begin to water. The air is so cold, your body begins to shiver. You look for shelter from this storm. Your thoughts come back to you with such speed. Swirling in you mind, trying to become an action first. Breathing has picked up so fast, it’s a laboring task.

You make you way through the snow and find a discarded jacket. How odd? Right in the street as cars driver around it. Picking it up you realize that it is your very own. The thoughts swirling in your head try to recall the purpose. Frustrated by the cold you dismiss all thoughts and shrug your winter coat on. Once the warmth returns, you search for home.

Thoughts swirl in your head again, why was I out here without a jacket? What was I doing out here in the first place? What’s wrong with me? Yet, none of these can be answered by anyone but yourself. Only when you find yourself asking all the right questions will you begin to see the answers.

People never realize that coasting through life can get you so lost and stranded. Live your life knowing what you are doing. Choose a life that makes a difference. Don’t ever lose control of who you are and who you are made to be. The cold can numb you straight to death. Don’t wander without knowing. Keep your thoughts straight and valid. Don’t let this revolving world take away who you are.

Live a life worth living.

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